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Nature as a healer

We instinctively know that spending time in nature is great for both the body and mind, but now a growing body of research suggests that it can benefit our mental health.
According to researchers, a lack of exposure to natural surroundings may be one of the causes behind many modern ills; including depressive symptoms and anxiety attacks.
One study from The University of Exeter Medical School in England looked at the mental health data of 10,000 city dwellers and used mapping to track where the subjects had lived over the past 18 years. The findings suggested that people living near urban green space reported less mental distress. A second study from 2009, found a lower incidence of 15 diseases, including depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, and migraines in people who lived within a half mile of green space.
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the activity in an area of the brain linked to the risk of mental illness. Nature walks have also been found to reduce rumination – the negative thoughts that people return to over and over, which will be familiar to anyone suffering from anxiety.
With this knowledge, doctors are increasingly prescribing trips to the park for a range of conditions, including anxiety, depression and stress. In some countries, “exposure to nature” is a core component of therapy and it’sIf you aren’t happy with a paper you get, you can ask for a complimentary revision. writing help Not to say that everyone who doesn’t enjoy a white bit of paper are uncreative, because that’s patently not true. Cartesian graph purpose paper is a well-known variety that’s used by numerous artists.

even spawning new fields like ecopsychology.

Herbal Origin

Imhotep meaning “The One who comes with Peace”
Imhotep, the father of architecture and the god of medicine was born in Ankhtow, a suburb of Memphis, a village south of Thebes in 27th century before Christ, and on the 16th day of Epiphi that is the 3rd Month of Harvest.

As architect, he was the Egyptian Chancellor to Pharaoh Djoser, and the architect behind the first built Djoser’s step pyramid.

As a physician, Imhotep was a revered healer and the god of medicine who rejected magic for healing, based on the fact that, illness was caused by the environment rather than the gods. He is believed to be the author of the Edwin Smith Papyrus that was the earliest writing on medicine.

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